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Support Our Schools

The Plum City S.O.S. (Support Our Schools) group will develop, between teachers, parents and Plum City

community members, cooperative efforts to support our schools. Participants will do this in an environment of trust and cooperation.



The S.O.S. uses the money raised for the extras for our students./schools.

At the meetings we vote on the wants/needs of the students/schools.

Anyone who attends the meeting gets to vote.


It can be as simple as playground balls to helping send kids to valuable seminars. We are enjoying being able to help. Even if you can't make it to meetings, if you have ever turned in your cans, Box Tops, milk caps donated or purchased something at the garage sale volunteered etc. Then you have made a difference.



Those Box Tops that get cut have been bringing in approximately $1,000 a year.

Please look for them. Ten cents doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up.

Help keep them out of the garbage. Ask family and friends to save.

You can drop them off at the Elementary/HS.

For more information visit


Beverage cans bring in approximately 1,300 a year.

Can collection across from Deans and by the Fire Department

Can’t make the meetings, but would like to be informed when volunteers are needed?

Send an e-mail to

Help once or implement your own idea. It all adds up to Supporting Our Schools.